We started Leadmi with the goal of making data-driven business growth easier. We wanted to create a platform that leverages automation and machine learning to help businesses – from startups to large corporations. As big believers in dogfooding, that is using your own product, we initially created and used Leadmi for ourselves. After a lot of learning and iterating, we developed our product from a simple lead generation tool to a business growth tool. Today, you can use Leadmi to find leads, grow your brand awareness and even boost your SEO. And there’s more to come! Stay tuned to our new releases page to find out what we’re planning for the future of business growth.

Our Values


Whether in relation to planning & building a product feature or our company culture, flexibility is central. We are a fully remote team who love exploring new ideas and pivoting existing ones!


Data Science is a core part of our make up. We believe in using patterns and data to inform our decision making process. Mix that in with the creativity and intuition of our team and we’re on our way to a winning data-driven business growth formula.

Human centric

Considering the both the humans using and behind our product is where everything starts and ends. Every company decision is run through the filter of how it would impact both our users and team.

Curiosity first

Our growth as a company thus far has been largely down to our curiosity. How do we make lead generation easier for businesses? Can we make our algorithm more efficient? What other applications could we adapt our technology to? These are all questions we consider on a daily basis. Especially that last one. Keep an eye out on our product updates page for more coming soon.

Interested in joining our team?

We’re always looking for amazing people to join us. If you’re passionate about business growth, artificial intelligence and exploring where the two meet in pursuit of creating the best lead generation tool out there, view our careers page.