Leadmi will send you desktop notifications when you receive a new lead. You don’t need to keep your dashboard open to receive these notifications. In this article we’ll discuss what notifications are and how to enable them.

What are desktop notifications?

A desktop notification is a prompt that will appear on your computer when a certain event occurs. These are usually in the form of a popup in one of the corners of your screen. With Leadmi, when we find a new lead for you, we’ll send you a desktop notification. That way you’ll never miss out on a potential lead.

In order to send these notifications, we will need you to allow our site to send them.

How to allow notifications from Leadmi?

In the below guide we will show you how to enable notifications in Google Chrome. If you use another browser, you can view guides for Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

When you first log in to your Leadmi dashboard, you will receive a prompt to enable desktop notifications, as shown below:

Enable desktop notifications

Click on the allow button to enable notifications.

If you do not see the prompt asking you to allow notifications, don’t worry! It could be that you have blocked all notifications. To enable them for Leadmi, click on the lock icon next to the URL in your browser. You will then see an information box popup that will show you that notifications are blocked. Change the setting to allow and refresh the page.

allow desktop notifications

Now you’re all set! You’ll never miss a potential lead again!