When setting up your Leadmi account knowing how to choose tags is vital. Our algorithm works using two important pieces of data. The first is your company USP or value proposition (if you need help defining yours, check out our guide here). The second is the tags you input when you register or from your account profile page.

You can think of your tags as keywords in a forum post or question that would constitute a lead for your business. You can enter up to three primary tags. With each tag you enter, we’ll show you a set of additional tags related to the tag you’ve just entered. These additional tags allow our algorithm to further contextualise forum posts to your business. For example, if your business is a costing and invoicing software, you may choose the primary tag ‘quote’. However, the word quote has dual meaning. In order to further reduce the chances of leads referring to quotes in the sense of something someone has said, you would select ‘estimate’ and ‘costing’ from the suggested tags.

How to choose tags effectively

When it comes to choosing your primary tags, there is one top tip we’d highly recommend. Jump onto Quora and do a quick search using two to three potential keywords. For example, we tried searching Quora using ‘generate’ and ‘leads’ and found countless questions about how to find leads. This gave us a great indication that these two keywords would be great as our primary tags. We then supplemented that with ‘get’ and ‘generation’ as two additional tags for ‘generate’. We didn’t use any related keywords for ‘leads’ as we there were no suggestions we found suitable.

If you are struggling to find some initial tags to test out, there are some great tools that can suggest keywords based off of a paragraph of text. This one in particular is really effective. Simply paste in your USP or value proposition and it will suggest some keywords for you to test!