While Leadmi delivers potential leads using our language recognition algorithm, understanding how to respond to leads effectively is vital. There are two parts to an effective response. Providing genuine and sound advice to answer the users question and pitching your service in a subtle way. A good rule of thumb is to respond in that order. Offer a solution to the problem the user is facing, then introduce your service.

Often the user may not be directly asking about your service. This does not always mean that this is not a valuable lead. You can still respond to leads effectively and introduce your service in these scenarios.. For example, someone might be looking for a better software to allow them to easily edit videos or photos. If your product is an editing console, like Loupedeck, this user is still a potential customer. While the user is looking for a better or alternative software, your product effectively improves their existing, or any other, editing software.

Here are a few examples of how to respond to leads effectively:

Example 1

How one could generate leads on LinkedIn?

Hi! I’ve often found that a great posting strategy on LinkedIn is a great starting point in generating leads on LinkedIn. By creating a posting schedule and posting at least 3 times a week, you will find your overall engagement, and in turn, lead generation improve. Try posting one personal update, one company success (for example a milestone you have reached for a customer – almost like a mini case study) and one piece of interesting industry news a week. Engage with people in the comments and make connection requests. This is a great precursor to opening a sales conversation, if you have previously had some level of conversation with someone prior to connecting and pitching.

While LinkedIn can be great for generating leads, I’d also recommend using a tool like Leadmi to generate more direct leads for your business.

Example 2

Are people really successful in generating leads through Twitter/Facebook?

Yes! Facebook and Twitter are great sources for leads. Very often if you are able to respond to leads effectively, you can engage with posts on Facebook and Twitter and generate leads. I’d also suggest adding platforms like Quora to that list, there are plenty of tools out there that allow you to automatically find leads on these platforms. In particular, I’d recommend Leadmi.