Leadmi uses a social monitoring algorithm to search popular forums and sites, such as Quora, Reddit & more, for questions and posts related to your product or service. When the algorithm finds a match, Leadmi sends you a desktop notification, allowing you to connect with high quality leads that are facing the challenges that your product solves.

How Leadmi Works

AI Lead Generation

Select the keywords you’d like to monitor

The Leadmi algorithm achieves accuracy and contextual relevance by referencing 3 sets of tags. You input the first tag and we provide a range of related keywords for you to select from to complete a set. After you’ve created 3 sets of tags, you’re ready to go!

Leadmi’s social monitoring algorithm finds relevant posts

Based on your selected tags, Leadmi scans popular forums like Quora, Reddit, Product Hunt & more to find relevant posts. The algorithm looks for the presence of at least one tag in each set to achieve contextual relevance, and identify posts and questions related to the problem your product solves.

Generate leads with social monitoring

Engage with highly qualified leads

Leadmi delivers relevant posts to you through our dashboard, desktop notifications & our Chrome app. Engage with leads that are looking for your exact product by sharing knowledge, advice and your products website.

See what’s new

We’re constantly iterating and improving our product, adding new features allowing you to connect with high quality leads more easily. View our latest product updates below.