Accuracy and contextual relevance through artificial intelligence

Leadmi’s algorithm makes use of machine learning to match posts and forums on popular sites to your business. This is achieved through our tagging process. After signing up for a Leadmi account, you will be able to add a product that you would like to generate leads for.

How the algorithm works

AI Lead Generation

Choose 3 sets if tags

You will be prompted to select 3 sets of tags. For each set, you input a keyword or phrase and we’ll provide a list of related terms. Select up to two related terms to complete a set of tags. Repeat the process twice more and you’ll complete all three sets.

How relevant posts are found

Leadmi will then search for posts on various platforms for relevant posts. Relevancy is determined by cross referencing your tags with posts. If a post contains at least one of your tags in each of your sets, the post will be retrieved as a lead.

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Leami’s AI Lead Generation Process

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How Leadmi determines the quality of leads

Our algorithm uses a grading system to return highly qualified leads.

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