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Being able to connect with leads that are facing the problem your product solves, at the right time, gives you the greatest opportunity to close sales. Leadmi uses three methods to qualify leads.

How Leadmi qualifies leads

Fresh leads

Brand new posts

Leadmi constantly scans popular sites and notifies you of brand new posts via desktop notifications. Just like with SEO, the first results are usually the ones that convert most. Be one of the first replies to the post to stand a great chance of converting.

High traffic posts will get you greater exposure

Leadmi identifies posts on forums that receive high traffic. These trending leads are great for gaining exposure for you product. Often these posts get such a high volume of traffic because the comments section is frequently visited. Trending leads are available on pro enterprise plans only.

Trending Posts
High opportunity leads

Unanswered posts mean leads are still looking for a solution

Leadmi identifies posts that have high traffic but few responses in the form of comments and answers. These high opportunity leads are perfect for gaining customers. High opportunity leads are available on enterprise plans only.

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How Leadmi determines the accuracy of leads

Our algorithm uses a social monitoring algorithm to find relevant matches to your tags.

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