One of the most powerful growth strategies for a business is to find leads on Quora. This strategy is particularly effective. You are able to connect with people searching for the exact solution you provide. It’s this high quality of lead, that doesn’t require as much nurturing or qualification, that is so valuable.

Here are our top tips to find leads on Quora

1. Define your keywords

Knowing which keywords to search Quora for will vastly improve the efficiency of strategy. Defining your keywords can be a bit of a trial and error method. Try searching Quora using two to three words and assess the questions and posts that show up. Do this a few times with a few combinations of words to find your keywords. Check out or post on How to choose tags for effective lead generation with Leadmi for more.

2. Find your leads

Once you’ve defined your keywords, it’s time to put them to work. To find high quality leads on Quora, you can use Google’s site search. Simply copy and paste the below into a Google search:

site: your keywordsk views

Replace your keywords with the keywords you defined in step 1. This will give you a Google results page of Quora questions with your keywords. The “k views” part means that only questions with more than 1000 views will be returned. This is not to say that questions with fewer than 1000 views are of little value, however more views will mean more exposure for your answer.

3. Craft an effective response to the post

Understanding how to respond to leads effectively is vital. There are two parts to an effective response. Providing genuine and sound advice to answer the users question and pitching your service in a subtle way. A good rule of thumb is to respond in that order. Offer a solution to the problem the user is facing, then introduce your service. Find out more and see examples in our guide How do I respond to leads effectively?

While this strategy is extremely effective, it can be quite time consuming. Create a free Leadmi account today to automatically find and deliver leads on Quora and other forums.