Lead generation and brand value are two mutually beneficial factors in any business. Increase your brand value and the credibility of your business will result in higher lead generation and conversion. Likewise, increase your lead generation efforts and your brand value will strengthen through the results you produce. This concept forms the basis of HubSpot’s flywheel philosophy.

Below, we outline how to leverage Leadmi to improve your business growth strategy.

Thought leadership

Become a thought leader in your industry

Grow your brand awareness by engaging with potential customers while they’re in the research phase of the buying cycle. Leadmi finds social and forum posts that relate to the problem your business solves. Share resources with these users to gain awareness for your brand.

Build your sales pipeline

By identifying potential customers that are facing the exact problem your business solves, Leadmi delivers a stream of qualified customers. These leads are actively looking for a solution and are ready to purchase. Engage with them to build your sales pipeline.

New lead generation features

Small business growth

As a startup or small business, you may find yourself as the founder and business development manager. With Leadmi’s automated algorithm, you can generate potential leads in the background, and set aside an hour a day to engage with them.

Generate backlinks and improve SEO ranking

The social and forum posts that Leadmi identifies are highly trafficked web pages. Engaging on with these posts by sharing links to blog articles, resources and product pages will provide valuable back linking opportunities.

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