Why brand awareness is so important

Brand awareness is the foundation of the marketing funnel or flywheel. It is a crucial part of of lead generation and acquiring customers. The ability of a potential customer to recall your brand and have your business top of mind drastically increases your chances of closing sales.

Consider a business owner facing the problem of generating leads. They may do extensive research on various lead generation techniques, but they may not be familiar with forum marketing. Being able to engage with this potential customer at this stage of their buyer’s journey provides a huge advantage over your competitors. When the business owner is ready to purchase a solution, their familiarity with your brand will be key. That awareness of your business will make them more likely to choose your solution.

How to build brand awareness with Leadmi

Engage with potential customers at the beginning of their buying journey

Leadmi uncovers forum posts related to the problem your business solves. These users are facing an issue but are not aware of potential solutions. By engaging with them at this early stage, and sharing useful information and links to blogs and resources on your website, you begin to build your brand awareness. When the user is ready to purchase, you are at the front of their mind.

Build your brand awareness with 10 free leads a month

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