The importance of building sales pipeline

Ensuring a consistent flow of leads into your sales process is key to the success of any sales team. Identifying your ideal customer and engaging with them at the right time is the basis of building sales pipeline. Further to that, you’ll need to ensure your leads not only match your buyer persona, but are also highly qualified. Two factors that define a high quality lead are their need for your product and timing. That is identifying a lead that is facing the pain point that your business resolves. Additionally, it is reaching that lead as soon as they’ve identified that pain point.

Building sales pipeline with Leadmi

Generate leads with social monitoring

Identify and target your ideal customer profile and target market

Being able to understand your ideal customer offers you the insight required to find them. Understanding what they may search for on the internet will help you identify them. Leadmi offers a free keyword generation service. Tell us about your business and we’ll generate a set of keywords that you can use to find forum posts by your target customer.

Find leads that match your ideal customer profile

Now that you’ve identified what your ideal customer would be searching for or posting on forums, you need to find leads. Leadmi uses a language processing algorithm to find posts based on your keywords on multiple forums. These posts are related to the problem your business solves and are often by users that match your ideal customer profile. The leads are delivered to you through our easy to use dashboard, allowing you to connect with them at the perfect time.

Add 10 leads to your sales pipeline every month for free

Start for free with Leadmi, and we’ll identify 10 high quality leads every month. No credit card required.