How systems can help you achieve small business growth

A strong set of systems in your business, such as lead generation tools and CRMs provide a stable platform for expansion. Achieving these systems may seem like an expensive and daunting task. It may seem like you haven’t got any business processes in place to even systemize. However, there is a simple exercise you can do to uncover your processes and reveal your frameworks for systems.

Write it down!

Spend a week writing down your daily business activities. Write them down as though they were instructions for someone taking this task over from you. This could be your process for sending out cold emails, entering data into an address book or even responding to enquiries.

The series of steps you take for any given task is your process. By writing down your process, you will quickly be able to identify inefficiencies. These inefficiencies are usually solved by introducing a system.

For example, when responding to website form enquiries, you may often have a set of responses based on the information provided by the user. You may ask for their location in the enquiry form because your product is only available in certain regions. You will either respond informing the user they are outside of your coverage. Or you will respond to set up a demo. There are lots of CRMs on the market that capture form data and can send out automated responses based on the data entered. This would be a valuable system.

Leadmi as a system for small business growth

Small business growth

Automate your forum marketing & lead generation

Forum marketing is a lead generation strategy. It works by searching popular websites and forums for questions related to your business. For example, a user may ask ‘How can I generate more leads?‘ on Quora. This is someone facing the problem that Leadmi solves. By responding to their post and engaging with them, we can present our solution and potentially make a sale. Traditionally, forum marketing involved manually trawling through forums looking for relevant posts. With Leadmi you can automate that process, and systemize the process of finding potential leads on forums.

Achieve small business growth with Leadmi’s lead generation system

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